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About Business ENT is an Atlanta GA-based company that strives for success and elevates to the next level. We also bring to any project that we attend an overachiever attitude, and we perform with screen accuracy. Many great producers, scriptwriters, and actors have achieved milestones under our umbrella. We have developed and managed actors, Grammy-nominated producers, and book writers who have been in the game for over 30 years.
Not only this, but we also offer scriptwriting. We have a range of top-notch, awarded writers who can do great story writing. Other than that, About Business ENT also helps in launching model careers. We administer models in their career development and management and assist them in their success. Our team is quite passionate about the entertainment industry and makes their best efforts to provide it with the most reliable and efficient tools and talents.


Script Writing

A great idea entails a fantastic script that brings the notion to life. A good story can only be produced when it is written with dexterity.


Actors Development & Management

Whether you need an actor for your next movie or a next launch, About Business ENT is all set to provide you with the best-in-industry actors.


Artist Development & Management

An event is incomplete without a dazzling performance by an artist. So, to jazz up your event, you will find a great artist at About Business ENT.


Models Development & Management

Fresh faces that are real trendsetters are hard to find in the entertainment industry. But with us, you will get your models of the moment.

I would so recommend About Business ENT. Their services are highly reliable, consistent, inventive, out of the box, and come with great implementation.

Kyle Shelton

The team at About Business ENT is so friendly, and they did an outstanding job providing me with the most creative script for my next play.

Tina Francis

I can honestly say nothing but good things about the About Business ENT team. They are all exceptionally skilled and incredibly easy to deal with.

Chase Lucas

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    It all depends on how long you have been writing the script and how much time you have to devote to scriptwriting, but it’s crucial, to be honest with yourself about how long the process will take.

    Success DON’T come easily in the cutthroat modeling & acting industry! You must exude self-confidence, acquire the requisite abilities through training, be able to take constructive criticism and be enjoyable to work with.

    Although appearance plays a significant role in the standard casting procedure utilized in any mainstream film industry, there are several ways to get around it. First, being attractive is not a need for acting.

    We take note of how you appear in your application images. Also, self-confidence and personality are requirements for a model. We determine someone’s potential as a model based on their application.

    A typical feature film screenplay has between 80 and 120 pages. Therefore, if it were any shorter, it would probably not have enough screen time to be regarded as a full-length feature film, and if it were any longer, it would probably be longer than two hours.

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