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Script Writing

Script Writing

A great idea entails a fantastic script that brings the notion to life. A good story can only be produced when it is written with dexterity. 

Our competent scriptwriters collaborate with you from planning and concept finalization to final editing and proofreading to ensure that your idea is correctly transferred and recorded in the right words. Your participation at every step of writing and editing is the key factor we consider and appreciate to ensure that every detail is exactly how you envisage.

Meet Our Scriptwriters & Bookwriter

Michael Rosser – Scriptwriter

  • Writer of the movie – “Damn I’m A High Comedy” & “The Script The Contract” 
  • Co-writer in the series – “The Reason Why”
  • Manager – Michel McNeil, Levon Young, and the list go on.

Levon Young – Scriptwriter & Bookwriter 

  • Author – “Oh, Mama Made Me,” “Frick And Frack,” “The Beast In A Game,” 
  • Scriptwriter – The Series “The Reason Why”
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